How we approached Covid-19 with our clients

I want to share what we're doing about Covid-19 in an effort add to the conversation and hopefully learn from each of your best practices. If we can have an open dialigue about strategies I think the best approaches will surface to the top and everyone can benefit. Here's what we started with.

About two weeks ago we sent out an email to our clients to offer guidance and help as they began to consider what working from home (WFH) would look like. If there is any example of when we, as an outsourced IT shop, can offer expertise it's now. So I thought the least we can do is start the conversation with clients.

I decided to offer immediate help inside the email with best practices on WFH, and then offer complementary phone calls with us to get the ball rolling. A lot of times people are hesitatnt to call because they know it will cost money. (Which is not necessarily a bad thing.) But in a time like this, I wanted to ensure they knew we were for them, not wanting anything from them. I did this not expecting any revenue. What we want to do is be a positive source of information and guidance in this time of uncertainty, especially for small businesses.

I recently posted that email on our company blog so everyone can be informed. Again, the least we can do is help our community right now by offering our expertise. I'll share more as the weeks progress, and I hope we can each share what we're doing so we whether the storm with our collective best practices.

How did you approach it with your clients? If you haven't sent out communication, it's not too late. Would love to hear your thoughts and approaches you've taken.

Why my own blog?

Over the years I've wanted to write down lessons and perspectives as a company founder of an Apple IT organization. That role has exposed me to a career in technical engineering, sales, HR, systems administration, and yes even leading. But never felt like the right place to share them. Sure, other companies post their musings on their own company blog, but I think our clients couldn't care less about our successes and failures as a company, or me as a leader. (Some might have interest, and now they can read that here.)

Reading from others' perspectives has been pivotal to my personal growth, and has led me to make some significant changes within Foojee. I'll share what I've learned here, in hopes of adding to the conversation of building a better team.